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International Recruiting Solutions Program

The Global Search for Technology Professionals
The technology sector of the labor market is highly competitive, and finding the right talent to deliver your projects at the right time can be the toughest hurdle to overcome. Once you build the team, keeping them together, motivated and productive can often be as time consuming as managing the project itself. Add to that the high cost of contractors in today's market, staffing projects can be a full time job for a manager.

THG - International Recruiting Solutions, was created to address that need. We realize that the search for IT professionals must be global. We also realize that our client's often lack the resources or bandwidth to tackle international recruiting and hiring.

What you can expect:
Essentially, we will manage the entire international recruiting process for you, from understanding your requirements all the way through the new employee starting at your facility.

What we do:
We work with you to design a customized program to meet your needs. We can build individual project teams from 5 and up, plan replacement programs for expensive contractors, or help you build and execute long-term staff planning models.

We work within your own existing hiring processes. We understand the needs, we then work with the people who normally do the hiring building the process. You travel with us to interview and select your employees.

The people you select are top quality IT professionals with degrees, 3+ years of relevant work experience, and they have been tested to insure that they are technically competent and are motivated to work for you.

We then handle all the visa processing, regulatory issues and procedures through our attorney or through yours. We manage the arrival and orientation of your employees into the USA, so they can start work for you without delay.

We can also get that employee started immediately in their home country while the visa is being processed and approved. We can work with you to set up training or development in technology labs.

We will:

  • Work with your hiring managers to identify the needs and refine the requirements.
  • Help you determine which country to target, based on your unique needs.
  • Source an initial group of candidates against your requirements.
  • Carefully and thoroughly screen those candidates, including technical testing.
  • Interview each candidate in person to assess language skills, desired career path and personality fit.
  • Provide your hiring managers with a "short list" of candidates that pass the initial screening.
  • Help you determine how many and which candidates to interview.
  • Arrange travel and accommodations for your hiring managers to go to the candidate's home country to personally interview them.
  • Consult with your hiring managers on the final selection and job offer.
  • Manage the entire visa process.
  • Coordinate the arrival and settling in of the employees.
  • Deliver the candidates to your facility on their start date.

Why use our service?

  • We provide you immediate access to skilled and qualified international technology candidates without having to manage the time consuming and labor intensive process yourself.
  • You will be able to directly hire these candidates as H1-b employees, not contractors.
  • Improved retention and long-term employee stability of your technical workers.
  • You can save as much as 58% by not using contractors or Contract-to-Hire programs from Consulting or Augmentation companies.

We offer you full participation in the entire process, including interviewing and hiring the candidates. We also provide you with a complete understanding, up front, of all the costs involved in the hiring program that we develop to meet your specific needs.

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